Tierarztpraxis am Gotenring, Köln - Praxisteam


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About us...

Since June 2011, you can find our team in the center of Cologne in Cologne-Deutz.

We stand by your side with our small and competent team and always will be eager to find the best options for the healthcare of your pet.

In addition to our specialisation in orthopedics and particularly in treatments using goldacupuncture, we treat internal, dermatologic and surgical issues.

In our practice, we are able to conduct common laboratory examinations, have digital x-ray and ultrasound as well as inhalation anesthesia devices.

For additional diagnostics (CT, MRI, DVT), we work together with laboratories as well as neighboring practices and clinics.

Practice team

Kai Wilms
Veterinarian since 1999
Peter Rosin
Veterinarian since 1990
Saskia Kranich
Veterinary assistant since 2013
Michelle Sündram
Veterinary assistant since 2021

Frank "Fränkyboy" Zollmann

04.12.1956 - 16.08.2020

A good soul never dies.
We mourn a fine person.